Monday, July 27, 2009

Bookworms ~

We just got back from the library. It was a bittersweet event. I knew I had a late fee, I decided to pay it before we checked out our books. I knew it was going to be a large sum, like $9.00 large. I was prepared to pay the price, the kids wanted books, what else does a mom do, right??? I exchange pleasantries with the chic at the check-out desk, give her my card and then she proceeds to tell me I owe $22.00!!! I almost had a heart attack right there at the check-out desk. I wanted to be soooooooo angry but I couldn't. I was so embarrassed for myself, who gets a $22.00 late fee at the library!!! I mean serious, you would almost think I didn't know how to read when the books were due back.

Of course, I did not have the cash to cover that "little" fee. I had to go home and get my checkbook before the kids could get any books. Yeah, I'm pretty much the absent mom. DOH!!

As soon as we got home, I realized something else. After 10 years of sitting down and reading to my kids, I am no longer needed in this department. Mr T can officially read on his own and asking me to read does not even cross his mind these days. Gone are the days of reading books and falling asleep on the couch.

Maybe I am getting old, oh wait, they're the ones getting old, not me!!

Nevada we love you!

We are officially back from our Nevada trip. We had a great time doing desert things. Just before we left Paige was playing with a friend and the parent asked "what do you do in Nevada?". I could not believe how she answered, "Nothing". Well, I guess here is a big bunch of nothing.....

Swimming at the spring(same place I went growing up),

Perfected the art of catching poly wogs,

Enjoyed the amazing Nevada sunsets,

Shot at cans with a bb gun,

Caught horny toads the size of quarters,

Caught big, huge horny toads,

Played on the rope swings and trampoline for hours,

Fed the cows squash and castrated a bull,

Did I mention we did A.L.O.T of swimming??!!

We pulled out the sweetest of wallpapers at Grandmas house. If you are feeling like you would like to wallpaper your dining room with some of this just let me know. I will bring the sweetness to your house, free of charge.

I thought Nevada was great. I failed to mention all the star-gazing at night and the dodging of bats at dusk. Really what I'm trying to say here, if you are interested in doing a bunch of "nothing" then come join us next time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nevada here we come!

So, we are off to Nevada for a few days. Don't miss us too much, we'll bring back plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure! Here's just a little something to tide you over until we return.

Just a word to your mother, don't go golfing when clouds are ominous like that. There is a reason why we were the only ones out on the course.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some things never change

I was at a BBQ with Grandma this week. I was taking pictures and decided to get one of Grandma. I pointed the camera at her and she lifted up her hands so I couldn't take the picture. Then we had the following conversation..

G: I look terrible.

Me: No you don't Grandma!

G: I have a terrible smile, it doesn't look natural.

Me: (Did I just hear that right, after 92 years you are still worried about your smile. I thought a person stopped caring at 60.) Grandma! You are 92, I think you look great! Plus, nobody else cares what your smile looks like except you.

G: You mean after 93 years?? (She turns 93 in a month)

After the conversation, I decided I had to start being happy with how I look right now. Time doesn't change how I feel about myself, only I change that. I am always looking to be a little bit skinnier, a little bit stronger but every year I look back and wish I would have been happy with how "skinny" or "strong" I was the year before.

If only I could have appreciated my body when I was 25, but of course I didn't. So today, I will be happy with my 35 year old body because in 10 years I will wish I would have put on the string bikini and ran down the street in it. OK, maybe I will NEVER wish that but you get my point! Be happy with what you have right now or never be happy!!

Here's to us Grandma!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I (heart) gardens

Need I say more?
P.S. I (hate) weeds!
P.P.S. My kids (hate) weeds even more!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The sky's the limit..

The other day Mr. C had the opportunity to hang out with his grandparents. For the first half of the day he was with my dad and his cousin buying a suit for church. The second half of the day they were just having fun. One of the many things they did was check out sports cars. Ever since then he has been talking about getting a sports car when he turns 16. It cracks me up because he is talking about sports cars that cost almost as much as my little house!! I continue to tell him the sky's the limit, all he has to do is make the money. So simple.

I keep thinking back to my trip to Greece where one of the islands had banned all motorized transportation. They used the following to get around....

Maybe, just maybe, Mr C will be able to afford one of these bad a$$es to get him to and from school!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What do you do...

...when it's 10:30 p.m. and there is nothing to do???

We jump on the tramp, scream and yell, laugh our heads off and wake up the entire neighborhood!!!

I just checked my phone messages before jumping on the computer. Someone had called Mr.C and left him a message. I have no idea who it was but they informed him that "Sally(name changed to protect the innocent) loves you". Now, as a mom, I think Conner is adorable. What mother doesn't think their child is, right?? I'm starting to think some of the girls have my same opinion.

I had another girl call and ask for Mr. C, please remember that Mr C is only 10 years old, about a week ago. It just so happened that Mr C was gone with his dad. I asked the caller if I could take a message, of course she giggled and asked if Mr C could call her back!!! Oh brother, of course N.O.T.

Then, about 2 weeks prior to that I had 3 girls attack him at the pool. Those girls followed him around like he was a magnet, he could not escape. Now, don't get me wrong, he was smiling from ear to ear. After we left, he informed me that the girls liked him. In a nice way, I told him just because a girl follows you around doesn't mean she likes you!! This is where the conversation got good, he informed me he didn't make any assumptions, the girls told him they had "crushes" on him. UGH!! What's next??

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

harvest time

I know that sounds like I live in the country, never mind that I have a Wal-mart seconds away from my front door. My point is.... our cherry tree actually produced a lot of cherries. In the past, the birds would devour the cherries before we realized they were ripe. This year it was a bit different, the birds still devoured them but there was plenty for the rest of us.
The kids and I spent our morning "harvesting". It was fun to climb around on the tree, especially when the birds would land inches away from you to eat the cherry you were picking.

Does anyone know what to do with lots of cherries?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wheat Bread

Tye and I made wheat bread this morning. I hope you did something fun!

How to exit a golf cart

Last Friday, for part of our 4th of July celebrations we decided to go to Fairview. We did some motorcycle riding and then went to the little golf course. Since Miss P was in Cali. we let Mr C and Little T drive the golf carts.
As we are going along I look back and see Little T tumbling out of the golf cart and then the golf cart start rolling backwards. At this point, I am afraid for his little life but he jumps up, runs to the cart and applies the parking brake, like this is no big deal.
So I decide to start watching him to find out what is really going on. The next stop I witness the following......
Yes, you are seeing correctly. He would put the pedal to the medal, get going as fast as he could, then jump cart while still moving. Sometimes he would land the jump, other times he would not, as the following picture shows....
His dad didn't seem to be phased by the actions, kind of like this is what everybody does when exiting a golf cart. Oh well, he didn't get ran over this trip so I guess I won't be troubled by it either.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Party Girl

Miss P went on her first get-away this weekend. Mr T's side of the family is amazing. I could not ask for better in-laws. Aunt Melanie invited Paige to come to Cali for the weekend. We said YES, of course. All the planning worked out perfectly because Miss P flew out with her cousin Amy who is into her second year at BYU.

Just as a side note here, I love cousin Amy. If you need a date for your good looking single male friends you know who you can call!!! I mean really, just look at her hair.

Anyway, from all the texts and picture texts that I have rec'd, Paige is having a major party in California!
Thanks Aunt Melanie, you are the best!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lots of Hot Air

We woke up at 5 a.m. to check out the hot air balloons. I think this needs to be a 4th of July Prosser family tradition. I wonder how long my children will actually agree to this early morning tradition???

After the balloons, we made a pancake breakfast and enjoyed the nice sun on the back porch. After awhile, we decided to take off to Heber with our neighbors and do some motorcycle riding. When we left it was cloudy, I should have been prepared for the downpour of rain, but I wasn't. Being the "good" mom that I am I was totally UN-prepared. I didn't bring any jackets, let alone "rain" jackets. We were all soaked but laughing and having fun either way. It was a great day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I like my hat.

I got another new hat. I like it, that's why I bought it. Mr. T says, it looks like I'm getting ready to deliver the mail. I hope he doesn't mind if he's married to the mail lady!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jose!

Dear Jose,
I can't believe another year has come and gone. Ten years ago, I didn't think it was possible for life to go on but here it is, you would be 31 and life has gone on. Don't get me wrong, I have not forgotten you. You know I could write a letter a mile long and still not cover all the little details of what you mean to me. But I won't do that because we both know you already know those details. You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me live my life so I can see you again someday. Here's to another birthday Elder Mackintosh!!!
Love your bossy sister,