Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happenings at our place

We have been busy doing whatever type things here at our house. Here are a few pictures to prove it!
Miss Pinky competed in a school spelling bee!
She did not win but I did not care she made it to the finals.
This is more than I ever did.

We did a lot of teeth brushing post-Valentines Day!!

We did some bathroom cleaning and had fun doing it!!

We actually LIKE cleaning toilets!!

I hope this phase lasts a long time!

We enjoyed playing with the coolest Grandpa on earth!

I made fuzzy pillows for Paige's bed!

We have had some good times!!

Can you tell???

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can you say, NEON TREES??

Friday night we went to the Velour in Provo for a good time with the Neon Trees. We went with several friends from our ward. It just so happens that the Neon Trees have a band member in our ward. I will add that they are the coolest family and we are so happy we know them. It was a great time and great music. I know you might think I'm just saying that but truly I'm not. They sound somewhat U2ish but still their own style. I loved it and so did Ted. The night we went they were in a competition with several other bands for a spot to play this Friday in SLC. Guess what??? They WON!! I told you they were good. So the next time you have the chance, go see the NEON TREES

Here we are. I hope you are ready NEON TREES!!!

The Pre-Show Party!!!
I am just so excited, that is ONE of the members behind me.

Just hanging out with the drummer. She is amazing. I can't
remember her name but she was awesome!! This is just before she got on stage.

The Party has started!!! Tyler, total rocker
Love his outfits!

The best drummer girl, EVAH!!

Here is the man that brought us all here!!!!
You rock Mr B-Man
He just happens to be in our Ward, is that cool or what?

Here we are post-show!!

We had to get a shot of us with the band. I love the hand on your head Michelle.

When you become famous Neon Trees, will you remember US???

Here we are with Miss Emilie, Mr B's wife!!! Is that the coolest or what???

Friday, February 6, 2009

The days of a two year old!

I was going through some old pictures and just laughed as I went through 2005. Tye was 2 years old and he was into everything, everywhere. My problem was I left him alone doing his own thing too many times and he ended up wandering away from his first activity and finding something new and more exciting.

Here he is trying to get some different pj's on.
Can someone teach him how to get dressed???
Here he decided to raid Paiges underpants drawer.
I didn't know a 2 y.o. knew about underpants!
I thought I was going to die laughing when he came out with
this outfit on. Once again no help from me!!
I missed the memo that said "NAPTIME".
I laughed because he is sitting right next to his crib.
You can't see it but he is also holding a tube of chapstick.
Covering your face in chapstick gets boring after awhile.

Here he got a hold of the Desitin tube. He was so proud of himself.What 2 y.o. wouldnt be, right??It took a loooooong time to get the Desitin off.

A 2 y.o. who is silent for more than 5 mins. is not good.
He enjoyed destroying the laundry room in peace and quiet.
Life couldn't be better.
Tye was definately all over the place. He was sure to be into something if he was quiet. I could tell story after story on him. I definately need to post about my Walmart bathroom converstaion one of these days. He always had something to say. I sure do love this boy. I can't believe he is turning 6 in about a month.