Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This year we spent a lot of time on the soccer fields between playing and refereeing games. This last Saturday was our last day for the season and it was nice!! I had to laugh when my parents came to visit us at the end of one of the soccer games. Mr. C was kicking the ball around and they couldn't help but join in. It was pretty great considering I don't think I had ever seen either one of them kick a soccer ball in my LIFE!!!
Mr C was a good fan but I think he was glad it was the end of the season!!
I will say, today he cashed in all of his referee time cards and I don't think he was one bit sad that he had dedicated so much time on the field. I kept thinking I should pick up some games for the extra cash!! I never would have imagined making that much money at his age. I could start telling you about how when I was a kid I made $5 for 2 1/2 hours of babysitting but I won't bore you with my childhood stories!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I made this little black flower hair clip. It turned out so cute!! The picture doesn't give it justice.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What would you do???

Back when I was younger, my brothers and I loved reading comic books. It was literally about the only thing I "liked" reading. My parents have a stash of over a hundred Jughead/Archie and Richie Rich comic books. Somehow we ended up with one, this comic book has been read so many times I have lost count. All I know is I put it away like every other day. You would think after so many readings they would have it memorized and
see no need to read it.
My problem, my Mom told the kids to be really careful with it. Well, the first twenty readings, we were really careful. As you can see from the picture, it is beyond repair. I have to admit there is a nice aspect to the comic book being in several pieces. The other day one child was reading one piece and the other child was in a completely different room reading the other piece, no more fighting over the comic book!!
My dilemma, should I toss the comic book while everyone is away at school
or give it back to my parents????

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Have I ever mentioned one of my favorite snacks???
It is so simple and tasty.
3-Laughing cow "light" Swiss cheese

Layer last two ingredients on cracker and there you have it.
You can't go wrong!!!
Go ahead, try it, you'll like it!!
On a side note, I went to the funeral of one of our Home Teachers today. I have to confess, as hard as funerals are, I sure do love how I'm always inspired in the end.
Isn't it amazing all the things people accomplish in their lives?? I find myself re-evaluating who I am and who my children think I am.
I sure hope the two of us are on the same page!!
Do my children know what is most important to me?
What will my children say I accomplished in my short life?
I sure hope it's not how clean I kept my house, but rather,
how much I loved being with my family and helping others.
It was a good reminder to stop worrying about the unimportant stuff
and do something good!
Thanks Brother Brown for one more lesson learned.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Another year, another Mothers Day and I have to say, I sure enjoyed it. It finally came to me that Mothers Day wasn't all about "ME". Every other year I have been so centered on what everyone was doing for me, that I forgot the real meaning of Mothers Day. If it wasn't for my three wonderful children then I would not be celebrating this glorious day.

There was breakfast in bed but it was all of us enjoying it together!!!
I have to say it was a lot more fun to have someone joining me.
This year, I had a breakfast made straight from the heart.
Waffles covered in chocolate truffles and whipping cream,
chocolate milk made out of powdered milk
(I didn't make it to the grocery store the night before)
and blueberries with whipping cream.It was quite the breakfast!
That evening I had my mom, grandma, brother, sister-in-law and nieces and nephews over for a great dinner. It could not have been a better ending, except to have my dad and other brother's family as part of the mix!!
I have to add here that I love and adore my amazing Mother!!
I could not ask for a better example of "mother" in my life.
The other day I was complaining about something unimportant, she gave me the best advice.
It truly sums up who she is.
"Heidi, I make a choice to look for the good and let the rest go."
WOW!! I think I'm done complaining.
I hope you enjoyed your families and had the best day ever!

Fun Run

Saturday, we did a mile fun run. I didn't realize what a great experience it would be to have the kids train for something and then go out and accomplish it. From start to finish, I loved the experience, even when I heard complaints.

I look back at my own childhood, my parents would make us go running and hiking. One summer my mom even bought a book with "military workouts" in it. We would wake up bright and early and do all sorts of crazy exercises. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous, annoying, useless. I'm sure I voiced my pre-teen opinion on the matter, more than once. Nonetheless, my parents instilled in us the love of being active. Now, I love being outdoors and running is a major stress reliever for me.

I think the best part was to see the kids' sense of accomplishment after every run. Without fail, one of the nameless children would be disgruntled e.v.e.r.y single run. By the time we finished, it didn't matter anymore because the runner's high had taken over!! There are a lot of people who don't "love" to run but I don't care who you are, you "love" the runner's high after you're done!!

The last week of "training" Mr C was focused on his pace and winning his age category!! It was great. The only downer, the race sponsors didn't have winners for the fun run, disappointing.
There is nothing better for your self-esteem than to work hard for something and then accomplish it. I think all three children are ready for the next race!!

Mr T was the only one I caught crossing the finish line. The other two sprinted off
and left me in the dust!!!

I finally caught up to the sprinters.
Here we are, sweat and all!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

El Cinco de Mayo

Today was a a wonderful day. I wandered around the house speaking my terrible, broken-up spanish. The best part about my spanish is no one else understands so they think I'm so amazing!! We ate tostadas for dinner, stuffed a pinata, jumped on the tramp with it and drank licuados. What more could you ask for???
I hope your day was just as wonderful.