Thursday, June 3, 2010


We hiked it, you should try it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have you ever???

Have you ever had a piece of paper you really wanted to keep?
Have you ever put that piece of paper in a special place so no one would disturb it?
Have you ever come into your room and found your special piece of paper in a pile like this???
I have!!!

Mr C mentioned this "cool tool" that opens your envelopes. My mistake, I didn't bother to mention to him NOT to cut everything he managed to put his hands on. I guess he will have the opportunity to use this "cool tool" that tapes it all back together again!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goblin Valley

We headed to Goblin Valley for the long weekend.
I consider the weekend a success if when you make it back,
you have half a sand pit in your bathtub.
I could not believe the boulders coming out of Mr T's hair.

Here is our fancy sleeping arrangements.
I love not worrying about dirty, dusty children coming inside.
Here is the other half of the sand pit.
If Mr T wasn't on a 4 wheeler, he was laying somewhere in the dirt!!

We managed a 65 mile ATV ride. I had never done such a long ride before.
Mr C rode his 80 motorcycle the entire way.
I thought I was going to die a couple of times but I'm still here!!

We did a nine mile hike through Wild Horse Slot Canyon.
It's a little like "the Narrows" in Zion's Canyon minus the water.
The kids loved jumping from rock to rock.
Of course, we hiked through the Goblins and
jumped a lot more rocks!!

It was a great weekend.
It started out very windy and dusty but it only improved.
The only thing that could make Goblin Valley better is a lake nearby!!