Monday, November 30, 2009

Grill it!!

I love this picture. It reminds me of the time Ted and I were on a plane headed to the Bahamas. We were lucky enough to get bumped to first class when this guy sits down across the aisle from us. I told Ted he seemed like the Hollywood type but Ted didn't seem convinced. Before too long his entourage was following him onto the plane. I found out later at the resort in the Bahamas that he was a "popular" rap artist. Anyway, back to my story, the best part came when he pulled out a little "gold" box from his pocket. I didn't think too much of it until he opened it up and pulled out some gold "retainers". Mind you, at this point in my life I had never heard of or seen a "grill". I about died when he opened up his mouth popped the retainers onto his teeth and then gave the biggest smile I have ever seen, just like Mr C is doing in the above picture. It's too bad I didn't realize at the time who I was sitting next to or I might have gotten a picture of him with his cool grills!! Oh well, for now I will have to be happy with Mr C's grill and next time I will be better prepared.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Full Circle

Tye and I were out on Saturday and I about dropped my jaw when I saw an entire spinning rack of these lovely numbers. There was every bright color you could imagine!! Now, don't get me wrong, I loved these in the 80's and I wanted a pair of these sweet numbers. I may have even had a pair, I just don't remember. But for some reason, when I saw them on the rack I thought, "HOW UGLY!!!". Let's hope my children don't decide that these are sweet, just like I did. I guess if they do, I will have to chalk it up to "running in the family"!!

I guess here's to the 80's!


I was downloading some pictures off my camera this morning and found this picture. I'm sure Tye took it, any type of random photo I can thank him. He is famous for taking the camera and doing his own photo shoots. I have to admit I probably would have taken a picture too. This bread was unbelievably tasty!! My visiting teachers brought this to me and I think the kids and I had it eaten in about 5 minutes. Conner took a bite and wished for some chocolate chips but that was the only "complaint". I might have to google pumpkin bread and make my own batch(but that won't happen until after my cupboards are back in place, maybe next year!!!).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was my first official day of painting the cabinets. I didn't realize how labor intensive this process was going to be. I think now that I have started the process, I am ready to not be a part of the process. This is a bad situation to be in considering all my cupboard doors are off and half of them are primed with white paint. I think my life is over for the next week or maybe two for that matter. If you need me, I will be outside priming the rest of the cupboards!!
Pictures of the disaster coming soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2,000 Fliers

Just take this from me, if someone asks you to deliver 2,000 fliers turn around immediately and run away as fast as you can!!! Our wonderful Pampered Chef neighbor, Summer, asked the kids if they wanted a little job delivering fliers. I thought it was a great idea until I saw the box of 2,000 fliers!!! Everyday we deliver a million but when we get back in the car the box still seems packed with orange fliers. I had to laugh today because the kids were starting to get discouraged. They thought for sure there were more fliers in the box at the end of the run than there were at the beginning.

I know I said you should run away but really, I must admit, this has been a great experience. I have actually enjoyed the driving around, the dropping off, the non-stop taping of fliers and most importantly, the sprinting from house to house. I wasn't sure how the kids were going to re-act to such a big job but no complaints so far. Today, they did ask me, "Are we close to being done?". I think the thing that keeps them going is the dollar signs they see at the end. Whatever it is, I hope it carries until the last orange flier is gone!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have lost my mind

Sooooo, now that my house is almost put back together from flooring and base boarding, I think I might have to paint my cupboards. I'm not sure at what point I lost my mind in all of this but it sounds like a good thing to do. After ten years in the same house, what else does a person do!!??

If Ted would buy me this house on the Greek islands none of this would be necessary!
Since that's not happening, I guess I'm off to paint.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Learning all the time

Today, I finally learned something. For the last thirteen years, I have drooled over a bed set in the Restoration Hardware Catalog. I first saw it shortly after Ted and I got married and I have loved it ever since. Initially, I told myself it was too expensive. Year after year I would see this particular set and just stare at it. I started pulling the picture out of the catalog thinking I could make the set myself, that never happened. I don't know how many times I told myself, "just buy it already!!!" but I never did.

Well, since Ted and I have been married I have bought three different bed sets!!! Yes, I did just type the number THREE!!!! If you haven't bought a bed set recently then let's just say, it's not cheap. I could have bought my Restoration Hardware bed set that I loved thirteen years ago and still love today and saved money. I could have been so happy for the last thirteen years jumping in and out of my bed. I could have laughed when I saw the near identical set today in the store. But no, instead, today I sat and stared at the near identical set in the store and said, "you should have bought it thirteen years ago!!!!".

Unfortunately, the near identical set was $200 and I just couldn't justify buying another set when I just purchased one. I know I will regret this move but what does a person do. I guess if you are me, you just sit and stare at the picture. But if you are you, learn from me and spend the extra money and get what you really want, you won't regret it!!!

But next time, Restoration Hardware here I come!!!