Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't ask

Conversation in the car:

Mr. T: YUM!!!

(pause) Ted: What's yum Mr. T?

Mr. T: Well, I just burped and it tasted like the sausage burrito I had for breakfast.

Everyone in the car: Eeeeeewwwwww!!! SICK!!!!

Mr. T: Hey, Dad asked me so I told him.

Moral of the story- Just don't ask!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A little whoopin'

Today Miss P made a picture dinner menu. I was worried about the "desert" special until I realized it wasn't your regular old whipping cream loaded with calories.
No, maybe this whooping cream was the low-fat, kick-me-in-the-bootie version.
A little whoopin' after dinner never hurt anyone!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

How do you know??

Well, let me tell you how you know it's Valentines day right around the corner.

The table is full of cards and candy.
The floor is littered with empty candy wrappers.
Your children are no longer interested in eating lunch.
Your child smiles at you and his/her tongue is blue.
Last of all,
There are random rows of suckers and pixy sticks everywhere you turn.

Yes, that is how you know!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, not so bad

I decided Wednesday is really an o.k. day. I actually woke up excited that it was Wednesday. Today is pizza day, which means, I don't have to make any lunches. The other bonus, I want the kids to be extra hungry at lunch so they will eat all the pizza I ordered for them.
Soooooo, I feed them.... COLD CEREAL!!!
It really is heavenly. I hardly lift a finger on Weds. morning.
If you have pizza day at school, use it!! It makes for a great day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I never in a million years would have guessed that my little Miss P would be a sporty girl. I use to get so bugged when she would "WANT" to wear a dress!! I'm not sure what happened but this year she has played in a soccer league and did some Junior Jazz basketball. She is unreal!! I absolutely L.O.V.E watching this girl play her sports. She is so amazing and over-the-top.
Last week she played in a basketball game. She was rotating into the game and the opposing team was down by where we were sitting. There were two girls standing next to us and they were fighting over who had to cover Miss P. Neither one wanted to play man-to-man with our little girl because she is so over-the-top. We laughed and felt their pain!!!
This is a terrible picture of her but she is making a shot. She had 5 shots that game and all 5 went in. I am in no way saying she is going pro but I am saying this is not the girl I thought she was going to become 4 years ago. I guess you never know what these little people have in them until you let them spread their wings.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Losing our minds.....I mean tooth

We have officially lost a tooth. Mr T has been waiting a very long time for one of his precious teeth to fall out. As soon as he realized he had a loose one, he did not stop pulling and tugging at it until Saturday night when it popped right out.
I have to say, I am grateful he is the type to tug and pull. The other two would protect the tooth as if it were made of solid gold. Mr C was particularly sensitive about the loss of a tooth. I remember his first tooth he fainted when it finally came out. Thank goodness I was close enough to catch him or he would have knocked out all his teeth when face planting onto the tile floor.

Here's to a New Year and a new SMILE!!!