Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where does the time go...

Life hasn't been any busier than usual but it seems to be going faster and faster the older I get. Why is that??? Now that I want to stay younger, my life is racing past me. When I was younger I couldn't wait to be old but time moved slower than honey in January. I guess we are never happy with what we have when we have it.

We have enjoyed the last few weeks of winter with ski lessons for all three little people. If you haven't heard of the StartNow Program with Park City Ski Resort then I recommend you take a look and be prepared for next year. You can't beat the price of $25 for lesson, rental and a lift ticket for the day, up to 5 times. Trust me, I looked!! I think next year I will sign up for ski lessons myself. I currently snowboard but would love to try the skiing thing. So if any of you are interested in joining me next year, let me know and we can party on the slopes.